Very Special – A Love Note

May is a very special month for me.  In addition to Mother’s day on May 10th, both my oldest son and my mom were born this month.

Here in the desert, new flowers are already in bloom and babies of all kinds are starting to show up.


o… in honor of the wonderful month of May, I’m going to celebrate each week this month by creating a “Love Note” for a special person in my life.  In anticipation of this celebration, I’ve painted a big, beautiful red heart on 4 ATCs and every Monday all month long I’ll be sharing one finished card with you… including a brief note about the recipient.

Very Special

The very first Love Note is for my beautiful little girl, Ms. Kate, who isn’t actually that little anymore.

She’s our youngest child and our only girl, which kinda makes her just a little bit extra-special.

Right now she’s wading her way through the trials and tribulations of adolescence with far more grace than I had at her age. I’m still waiting for all the terror of a teenage girl that I keep hearing about.

Ms. Kate is an exceptionally kind, generous, loyal and sweet-spirited young woman who is always willing to give of herself, often above and beyond the call of duty.

What I find even more impressive about her is that, despite attending public school and embracing the social arena with wide-open arms, she’s somehow retrained her innocence and a child-like wonder for the world.

Just like the glorious month of May, she is definately, absolutely, beyond question pretty darn special!