Two Hearts – A Love Note

I cheated a bit this week. Instead of using one of the cards with the big red heart I decided to do a bit of knotwork, but since I did use hearts… it’s only sorta cheating!

There are a couple of reasons I didn’t use one of the prepared hearts. Maybe they’re good reasons, maybe not, you decide.


irst, the folks around here were getting tired of big red hearts.  Second, I just seriously felt like doing some knotwork, I mean it was nagging at my bones.  Third, I really didn’t want to do another one of the big red hearts… I need a break from those things!

Ryan’s Love Note… Completely Undeserved

For Ryan

Here’s what happened. 

Last week, when I gave Noah his “Love Note”, both he and Ryan expressed their opinion that the hearts were a “bit girly” and that they had no idea what they would do with them. 

They couldn’t possibly display them anywhere because they were far to “froo-froo”!

Talk about bubble bursting! 

Sometimes children just don’t appreciate everything we do for them.

Ryan actually said that I should wait to make him something until I become a famous artist so he could say that he had a famous piece of art.  Yeah, like that’s ever gonna happen!

From Concept to Completion

When I was coming up with the concept for this card, it was going to be much bigger and include a full border.  I sat down and plotted the whole thing out on graph paper, drew out the guides for the border first to make sure it was going to fit on the card I’d chosen, and added all the connecting lines to the centerpiece.  I spent almost a full day working on it and I was pretty happy with how it was turning out.

The entire finished piece was one continuous line, and I’m always thrilled when I can make that happen, and it was quite beautiful, but there was a problem.

Then I finished the centerpiece.

I loved the centerpiece.  I really, really, really loved the centerpiece.  But I loved the centerpiece without everything else distracting from it.

So I had to go back and cut all the connecting lines so all I was left with was the center, which is what you see.  It’s still one continuous line, it’s just smaller and less complicated… and it seems to work better on a smaller card. Of course, I’m going to use the full piece one of these days… yup, one of these days!