The Roads Least Traveled

One benefit of living in the west is that you never have to go very far to get away from the chaos of the modern world.

With that in mind, today I’m sharing a few pictures of my beautiful desert & some of the wonders that can be discovered just around the bend.

Come, take a ride with me on the roads least traveled.

We live in a world full of awesome beauty that has the power to take our breath away.  Empty places where we can both lose and find ourselves, places to renew our souls and help us regain our grounding in a world that can otherwise be harsh and confusing.

  All we have to do to find it is step out our front door and wander down the road a little ways. It’s there.

Ryan Showing Off the River
Wild Flowers
Agave Inflorescences
Hiking Partners
Saguaros At Sunset 1
There's One On Every Corner
Salt Cedar Loves Fire
Saguaro Spines
Too Sexy for My Shoot
Hard Rock House
Taking A Break
Bottom Of The Wash
Dead Manzanita
Mr. Mark Needs A Nap
Phainopepla - Spreader of Mistletoe
The Bill Williams
Kate in the Tall Grass
Agave & Ocatillo Shoots
The MIghty Colorado At A Trickle
Noah in the Creosote
Saguaros At Sunset 2
Which Way Do I Go?
Kaiser Canyon

Every now and then, step outside your door and go in search of a road less traveled.  Lose yourself in what you encounter, let it fill you up and remind you of who you are, who you are meant to be and how you fit into the greater wonder of this magnificent world.  There is so much out there just waiting for you to discover it… open your eyes, open your heart, be a child at play… embrace it all!