The Fine Print

This document outlines the various policies and information disclosures of Toula Boula, including, but not limited to the copyright and commenting policy, use and disclosure of personal information, and information related to our use of affiliate links.  It also describes your responsibilities relating to the use of, interaction with, and/or participation in any activities on this website.

It is not required that you read this document, but, because it has been provided in good faith, your participation in any activity on this website constitutes an agreement that you understand and accept the terms outlined below.

Copyright Information & Policy

Toula Boula ( – the site you’re currently visiting) and all content is the sole property of me, Rebecca Robertson, and the Toula Boula brand unless otherwise noted. I work very hard to create the photographs, artwork and content for this site. Con­tent of this site may NOT be repro­duced in any man­ner with­out my personal writ­ten permission.

I’m a nice gal, so just ask.  I’ll probably say yes.

I love sharing my work with you, and I appreciate it when you share it with others, it’s a tremendous compliment.  For this reason I have included the ability to share my work on social networks and I encourage you to use the provided methods as they ensure that I receive credit for my work.

Sharing my artwork in any other way is considered a violation of my copyright, this includes putting the work on your own blog or website without my express permission.

Privacy Policy

The simple act of visiting a website leaves a trail of information, a “digital footprint”, about visitors like you. Sometimes this footprint is vague and preserves your anonymity and other times it is tied specifically to you and your real life identity.

If all you do is click around and read pages, the data captured about you is vague. If you leave a comment or sign up for a newsletter, the data captured about you is sometimes very specific. Almost all web sites on the web today collect data about their visitors in this fashion, and this site is no different.

The majority of data collected by Toula Boula is used for the express purpose of enabling you to read, respond to, and discover published content related to this site, and nothing else.

Some data may be collected by analytic services. Data collected by analytic services includes such information as visitor location, page clicks and time spent on the site. This same data is used for the protection and prevention of potentially malicious behavior. The data collected for analytic or preventative purposes does not include any personal information.

Data may be kept indefinitely, though any personal information that you provide in contact forms, comments or subscriptions can be removed at your request.

I do not barter or sell any collected data, nor do I provide it to advertisers for any reason.

As per legal requirements, data will be given to law enforcement when requested, but only when legal processes are followed.

There isn’t really much that I can think of that would lead to giving data provided on this site to law enforcement, but as it may be required at some point, I believe that you have the right to know that it is our policy to always comply with the law whenever required.

Comment Policy

This site provides the opportunity for visitors to communicate in the public domain through visitor-submitted, published comments. The nature inherent in online dialog raises significant questions in the areas of privacy, responsibility, and ownership of data related to these published conversations.  This section attempts to cover all relevant aspects of our policies related to both the submission of comments and your privacy when it comes to website participation through commenting.

This site is intended for all ages. I believe that everyone has the right to be treated with kindness, courtesy and respect and not be presented with offensive, derisive, mean-spirited or inappropriate material.  This website contains material appropriate for all ages and it is my policy to maintain a friendly, helpful and clean environment for my visitors.  If you believe this policy has been violated, please notify me immediately.

In other words, be nice, don’t use crude language or share inappropriate images and everything will be good!

I reserve the right to edit, delete, suspend, or publish comments at my discretion.
Any inappropriate, offensive or mean-spirited comments, as well as comments made with the express intention of advertising a product, service or website will be deleted immediately either through comment filters or by myself if the filter does not catch them.

This does not mean that I will edit comments to make your views of me, my blog, or my content look better than they were.  Any editing I do personally will only cover what is listed above or, at times, to fix spelling or typographical errors.  Any inflammatory comments will, of course, be deleted… after all, that is my right as the site owner!

It also doesn’t mean that if you link to your personal page it will be deleted, I absolutely encourage you to share related or relevant content that you have on your own blog or social networking page, just please refrain from using the commenting areas to sell your products or services.

If you have a legitimate and relevant product, service or website that you would like to share with other visitors, please contact me as I am always eager to share and I’m usually willing to help.   I’m certain that something mutually beneficial can be easily arranged.

Comment data related to your real identity, such as name, URL, and email address will never be shared, bartered, or sold to third parties. Just keep in mind that any personal information that you voluntarily provide in the comment section or elsewhere in the public areas of the site will be visible to other visitors.  If you can see it, so can other people and, while I do everything in my power to keep my site safe for my visitors, there are some things that cannot be controlled no matter what I do.

Commenters may comment anonymously. Real names are preferred, but “Brand Names” and online personas are permitted as you see fit.

Comment data is used for the express purpose of allowing visitors to participate in visible, public discussion on this site, and nothing else.

Commenting on this site will not result in emails from me or this site unless it is expressly stated on the page or post you are commenting on, you choose to subscribe to a comment, or there are special circumstances related to your comment.  Conditions that may result in emails being sent include such things as comment based contests, the need to personally verify a comment before it can be approved, clarifications and/or replies that would not necessarily be relevant to the post content, or if you request a personal email in your comment.  Any such or similar emails are rare and only sent as necessary.

By commenting on Toula Boula you are granting me, as the site owner, a limited license to use that comment on this site in any way I see fit in the promotion or design of the site. Furthermore, you agree to “hold harmless” myself, authors, and editors from any and all legal repercussions, damages, and liabilities perceived to have been caused by participating in this site’s online conversations.

As stated previously, I do my best to maintain a secure website that is friendly and comfortable for all of my visitors and I don’t sell or share personal information, but the world is a strange place at times and participation in any online activity can potentially result in unforeseen consequences that I have no control over.

Affiliate Links

Some of the links on this blog are affiliate links, which means that  if you click through my blog and purchase something from one of those sites, a small portion of the sale will go to help support Toula Boula and keep her running.  It does not cost you anything extra to purchase from an affiliate link, but it means a great deal to me, so if you choose to do that, thanks so much for your support.  I really, really appreciate it!

I do not use gratuitous affiliate links. In other words, I only recommend and/or link to products that I use, truly love and believe you will benefit from. I could probably make more money by linking to more, but I feel that would be disengenuous and would eventually have less than no benefit to my readers.

Sponsored Writing

At this time I do not write any sponsored posts and currently have no plans of doing so in the forseeable future. All of the opinions expressed in reviews are my own and have not been influenced in any way beyond my own personal use of the products or services being reviewed.

Of course, I cannot know everything the future holds and there may come a time when I do write sponsored posts. If that time comes, all sponsored reviews will be clearly labeled as such, and no matter what the incentive to write such posts, they will still include my unbiased opinion as it is and always be my primary goal to provide you with the most useful and honest information possible.

Final Note

It is my belief that you deserve to know your rights and responsibilities as related to this site. You also deserve to know my rights as site owner as well as my responsibilities & intentions with regards to the information and data that you freely provide.  I believe that I have covered all relevant issues related to those rights and responsibilities in this document, but, as I may have missed something or things may change on the site or with various laws, I reserve the right to make changes to it without notice.  It is your responsibility as an informed internet user to review the policies from time to time and ensure that you are comfortable with them.

If you have any questions or concerns or you are unsure of what something on this page means, please ask. I can be contacted either through the contact page or directly at

The information on this page is not a legally binding contract.  It is simply a statement of our policies and intent made in good faith.