Spring in the Desert 2015

I love spring.  But then who doesn’t?

New green on the trees, the first flowers popping up, birds singing in the morning and crickets serenading under the stars.  It’s one of life’s small miracles that we get to be a part of every year.

It’s also a gentle reminder that no matter how beautiful, nothing lasts forever so we shouldn’t take a single moment for granted.


ith the school year coming to an end and Mr. Mark finally getting a few days off, we were able to take a three day round-about through our little corner of Arizona and see spring in action.  What fun to not only get out of the house but out of town with no destination & no pressure to be anywhere!

Thistle Flower

Unlike most of our trips, I took a camera this time. While it was a bit too breezy to get the great macro shots that Mr. Mark usually brings home, I did get a few pictures worth sharing.

I hope you enjoyed this small taste of spring in Arizona as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. If it’s whet your appetite, I cordially invite you to come visit my beautiful & diverse desert.