Rainy Day News

It’s been windy and chilly all week and yesterday afternoon it decided to rain.

It was a soft, lovely summer rain, but boy was it cold… and it got the laundry that was still on the line all wet again!


r. Mark and I went to McDonalds (which is something of no-no in our house) for a late lunch and I actually managed to take my little point-and-shoot AND got a few shots of the neighborhood while the light was soft and pretty.

I have to apologize once again for my not-so-great photography skills, I’m just not the photographer in the family but I’m determined to get better!

View from McDonalds Window
Just Around the Corner
The Hualapai Mountains
The Hualapai Mountains Again
Still The Hualapai Mountains

As you can see from the picture I took while eating lunch, my little town doesn’t look a whole lot different than any other. At least not from the windows at McDonalds! We have most of the prerequisite franchises, parking lots and traffic, none of which makes for a terribly interesting photograph… what was interesting, at least to me at that particular moment, was the sky. I just love turbulent skies!

There was a long period of time way back when, when we lived in Reno, Nevada, that I didn’t think I’d ever see another turbulent sky.  Every day, day after day after long day, the sky was a perfect, empty blue.
It was so darned boring!!!

Remodeling News – Kitchen Beautiful (Almost)

The kitchen is pretty much the last thing we’re doing in our year-long remodeling odyssey, and as of next week it should be finished… Yippee!

Putting in the Cupboards
Noah Blocking the Kitchen

Tomorrow the counter people are coming to install the new counters (finally) and I won’t have to use wall board for food prep anymore and I may even get the new sink installed.

It’s even possible that Home Depot will have the rest of the cabinet parts in tomorrow, after all it’s only been two weeks since we bought the parts they forgot that we would need!  I’m going to stop right there on that subject though, other than to say that I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

You can bet your booties I am soooooo going to be doing the Happy Dance once this is all done… I might even be able to get a smile out of Noah!