Phicops in the Fescu

This week on The Tangle Corner, Daniel’s challenge was to use Phicops, a spiffy little tangle pattern created by the Diva’s husband, Mr. “B-rad” Harms.

This really is a fun tangle to play with and I already have tons of ideas for using it… I just have to make the time!


lthough Phicops has been around for a while now, I’ve never gotten around to trying it (it’s not the only one either) so I had to doodle it out a few times on a piece of scratch paper before I was comfortable giving it a serious go. I can already tell, this pattern has a lot of potential!

I even tried doing some that looked like cute little pine cones, but I just couldn’t quite get the hang of it… I’m not giving up though, cuz those look pretty darn cool.

Since I just did a big circle in the middle of the tile (ummm… trading card) as my string, my Phicops looked kinda strange & lonely sitting there in the center of a rectangle, so I decided to turn it into a snail.

Well, then the snail parts looked a little goofy and detracted a bit from the Phicops, so I hid the little guy in some grass. It seemed pretty logical at the time. I mean, unless they’re climbing something, snails are usually found on the ground and so is grass!

Between making dinner and doing odd things around the house, I added the Fescu like bits and doodled along the edges of the “shell” so that it looked a little less like a fancy croissant.

When I showed it to Ryan, he said that the snail needed a face!

Huh???  Really?!? Wait a minute… snails don’t have faces!

After a bit of arguing (Ryan will argue about anything) I compromised and gave him some eyes.  Well, an extra set of eyes if you wanna get technical about the whole thing (which, of course, Ryan did).

I though about giving him some stripes, but I decided that would be going too far!

So there you have it, a not-striped four eyed snail with a Phicops shell hiding in a field of Fescu!