Modern Industrialism

This weeks Diva’s Challenge was in honor of Earth Day and we were asked to “go wherever the challenge takes you”. All I can say to that is.. Ha!

Okay, one more time for emphasis, HA!


s if I wasn’t already having a hard enough time with motivation (I think my muse went on vacation without telling me), these were not helpful instructions!  Thankfully I had Tom Waits’ modern industrialism, specifically “Heart Attack and Vine” &  “In the Coliseum“, and (of course) this months heavily relied upon substitute muse and life saver, the Tangle Patterns website.

With these two helpers I actually managed to come up with two new tiles that I’m pretty happy with!  All hail the power of music and tons upon tons of beautiful tangles patterns to browse through!

Urban Vine

The concept for Urban Vine came from the contrasts between and combination of urban decay and nature’s tenacity. The idea that nature is always quick to take over our neglected spaces.

I used Australian CZT® Lianne Woods’ Gottago amped up with a bit of steampunkery to give it a bit more of an industrial feel and Henna Drum by Vermont CZT® Jane MacKugler because it’s indicative of a vine, which for me is the very symbol of tenacity.

Urban Vine

As I was searching through patterns I was actually envisioning a single flower growing in a very industrial area, possibly surrounded by refuse or empty McDonald’s wrappers.

As you can see, that’s not exactly what I ended up with.  Okay, it isn’t even remotely what I ended up with, but I think it sort of  reflects that vision anyway.

This is my story, so I get to tell it any way I want…
even if that means making it up as I go!

Gottago really appealed to my love of steampunk and had the industrial edge I was seeking.  It has a chaotic uniformity to it that beautifully offsets Henna Drum’s soft natural flow.

The Last Leaf

For The Last Leaf I used Helen Williams’s Zentangle® pattern, Leaflet and my own leaf pattern that I tend to doodle on everything, especially when I’m on the phone with the stupid mortgage company.

The Last Leaf

Right from the beginning I knew I was going to use a leaf for this one, mostly because I have three otherwise blank cards with leaves on them just sitting in the corner, but also because, as you can probably tell, I really like leaves.

As soon as I saw Leaflet, it just felt right somehow.  Hmm… I wonder why?

I think this one reflects the actual fragility behind seeming indomitable strength.

At any rate, this is what listening to Tom Waits’ modern industrialism while tangling for Earth Day can do to you if you’re not careful!