Meet the Gnomies

I’d like to introduce you to our sock gnomes, the Gnomies.

Gnomies are similar to their more common cousins, the garden gnome, in both appearance and attitude.  From my observations, there seem to be three basic characteristics that set them apart: they wear their floppy hats low over their eyes, they live inside the house, and they are theives.  Seriously, they steal EVERYTHING!


he Gnomies are as quite as mice during the day, but in the wee hours of the night they creep out of their hidey-holes and steal our socks.  They also seem particularly fond of pencil stubs, small shiny objects of every shape and variety, the fresh batteries that we put in the television remote control, and hard candies.

At Christmas time they leave small presents under the tree, usually DVD versions of movies we’ve been hoping to watch.  I have no idea where or how they manage to acquire them, but every year there are at least two or three under the tree, all neatly wrapped and labeled.

Considering their secrecy, imagine my surprise when a small group showed up at my desk and asked if I would draw their pictures!

Since that first visit, every week or so, when things are particularly quiet in the house, small groups of two or three show up to sit for me.  They never say much & when I’m finished they leave as suddenly as they appeared.  They still steal our socks, I have a suspicion that isn’t going to stop!