Labyrinth & Pokeroot

Just to mix things up, this week I added a new challenge to my list of things to do. In addition to the Diva’s challenge, I decided that I really, absolutely had to try my hand at the new Tangelation Creation challenge.

Diva’s Challenge #215 – Labyrinth

Deep Contemplation

This week over at The Diva’s Challenge, Luara asked us to use a labyrinth as our string.

It took me five attempts to get something I was finally satisfied with – and the only one I’m even remotely willing to share!

This was a REALLY tough challenge!

It wasn’t so much that drawing the labyrinth was overly difficult, because once I got it, that actually became the easy part.

Laura provided links to two great tutorials for drawing creating labyrinths, I used the pdf from Art on the Underground, of course choosing the more complicated version (again with the adding complication to my life).

It was tough because I could not find a way to add tangles to it.  I’m serious!  I was all fired up and ready to go with this one, I had all kinds of ideas, I tried lots of different tangles… and… nothing… worked!!

Then I gave up. Really, I just quit trying.

I had one of my failures sitting on my desk in front of me while I worked on a box I’m doing for my mom, and every once in a while I’d stop and stare at the failure. 

I’d add a line here and another one there and then go back to the box.

I’d look at it again and do some scribbles in the white space with my pencil and then go back to the box. 

The scribbles started to look like rocks so I turned them into rocks and went back to working on the box.

Never once while I was “taking a break” or “just doodling” on the failed tile did I think that it looked particularly good.  It was just something to do while giving my wrist a break from all the tiny brush work I was doing on the box. 

I still didn’t like it while I was adding the color (again using my ProMarkers, by the way).

It wasn’t until I couldn’t think of anything else to add to it and I was finished working on the box for the day that I FINALLY decided that it wasn’t a failure.  Actually, maybe it wasn’t too bad

Maybe it was even good enough to use as my submission.  Hmmmmm… imagine that!

The moral of the story is: when you feel most like giving up, that’s when you push ahead. Relax, don’t worry about what your doing, just keep doing it and it will usually work out better than you thought it would.

Tangleation Vocation #9 – Pokeroot

Last week, while I was looking at all the wonderful submissions to the Diva’s challenge I came across Mr. Daniel Lamothe’s Zentangle blog, The Tangle Corner, and his Tangleation Vocation challenge.

Right away I knew, I just knew, that I HAD TO join in!  I couldn’t tell you why, other than that it sounded like an awful lot of fun.

I’ve been meaning to add some new challenges to my weekly schedule, I just haven’t really found the time, but this was the one that finally jumped out and bit me in the doodle bug… so to speak.


Anyway… this week’s challenge is to use Pokeroot, by Sandy Steen Bartholomew. I’m a huge fan of Sandy’s work, in fact it was one of her pieces that got me interested into Zentangle.

Having said that I love Sandy’s patterns, I have to admit that I’ve never actually used Pokeroot (or Pokeleaf for that matter), primarily because I’m not particularly good at drawing freehand circles that actually turn out looking much like circles.  They usually end up squished or smooshed, in other words ovals.  To make matters worse, I can only really draw them in two sizes… tiny and huge.

So, here is my very first attempt at a Pokeroot tile, huge squishy, smooshy berries and all!

On A Personal Note

Before I sign off for the day, I just want to say that seeing everyone’s challenge entries each week is a true joy.  They are all so beautiful and inspiring, but beyond that, many of the stories that go along with them are moving, entertaining and so much fun to read.

I am truly thankful for the wonderful community of Tanglers.  There are so many kind, encouraging and generous people, I just wish I could hug you all! So. . . thank you from the very bottom of my heart!