First Child – A Love Note

Like most things I do, this week’s Love Note didn’t quite turn out how I had thought it would, for one it’s a lot darker than I planned, but I still love it. Both because it’s pretty and because of what it represents… or rather who it’s for.


r. Mark & Miss Kate took me to Laughlin, Nevada on Saturday for a bit of shopping and a Mother’s Day dinner at Harrah’s.  We took a ton of pictures with my little point-and-shoot while we waited until 4:30 (when the dinner buffet opens).  We were all being extremely goofy so it was a lot of fun. 

No, I’m not sharing the silly pictures with you. Not today anyway!

Then on Sunday, Kate did all of her chores and cleaned the counters without being asked, Noah got me some great new color reference books, and Ryan took me out for lunch at a little Italian place.

All told, it was a really lovely Mother’s Day weekend.

Surrounded by Love

This week’s Love Note is for my oldest son, Noah.
As the first, all of those first steps, shakey in motherhood were taken with him, the first worries, the first mistakes… and the first joys.

I had him when I was 18. He was due on my mother’s Birthday instead he arrived somewhat unexpectadly four days later.

He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I fell in love with him the moment I saw him.

I can’t say it was the most fun I’ve ever had.  I refused pain killers… I was 18, stupid, and absolutely terrified of needles.  As if giving birth was less painful than getting a shot! 

What I can say is that I would do it all over again. He has was, and has always been, a great blessing.