A Bit About Me

Me & Mr. Mark

Hello There, I’m Becky.

I’m an artist-in-progress, a sometimes-writer, and a web developer…
I’m also really bad at public speaking and a terrible photographer, both of which are completely beside the point. Well, maybe not the part about being a terrible photographer!

I’ve been married to my best friend, Mr. Mark, for 25 years.  Together we’ve raised 3 smart, beautiful children.  These are the folks who inspire me, make me who I am, and make my little life a pretty amazing one.

Among many, many other things, Mr. Mark is the official photographer of both our family & Toula Boula. I only take photos when he’s not available… which is a good thing, trust me on this!

I love designing and building websites.  I’ve been doing it for more than 15 years.  Nearly 10 of those year were spent working with a wonderful little marketing firm in California. Now though, I pretty much stick to building them for fun and focus most of my attention on making art… because that’s what makes me truely happy deep down in my bones.

This Is Where We Live

In 2002, while living in a tiny town in Nevada, we took a vacation to explore New Mexico with the spark of an idea of moving there. That didn’t happen.

Instead, while passing through Arizona, we fell madly in love and just knew that we had to make this our home.

It took a year and some serious finagling before we could finally make the move, but it was so worth it!


After all these years, we’re even more in love with Arizona then we were on that first trip… which is actually pretty amazing when you think about it!

With that in mind, you shouldn’t be surprised that I talk about my adopted home a lot & I take tons of pictures, that I insist on sharing, because Arizona is far too beautiful to keep to myself… even if my pictures aren’t.

My heart dwells in the desert. This is where my inspiration is steadfastly rooted, where my eyes open each morning onto the beauty of life in it’s multitude of incarnations. It’s a huge part of who I am, what I do, and why I do it. For me.. life and art are inextricably connected with the Desert Southwest.

These Are Our 3 Amazing Children

Okay, so they’re not exactly children anymore… you get the point though. The boys are both in college and Miss Kate just started high school, so they’re actually pretty well-growed (as they say) and more or less self-sufficient.


They’ve all grown into such amazing young people; strong, thoughtful, intelligent, generous, and full of kindness & compassion that I really couldn’t be more proud of them if they were my own children. Oh, yeah, they are my own children! It’s still true though… very proud!

This is What I Believe

I beleive that every aspect of life, from the line of sugar ants that marches across my floor to way the clouds roll into the valley during the monsoon rains, from the first toothless grin of a baby to the well-creased and sun-browned hands of a grandfather, from the rocous morning greetings of the mocking bird to the somber goodnight of the crickets is a work of art that we are priveledged enough to be a part of.

Art is everywhere and the artist’s hand can be seen in everything… if we open our hearts and our eyes to it.

To me, that’s a precious gift, and that all of us who are open to it, who try to tap into it, are on a very special kind of journey. We are the artists-in-progress who push ourselves beyond what we thought we could do and take the precarious but exciting steps out into the scary, beautiful, amazing world around us, we interpret it through our own eyes and our own hearts and then we bravely share it with the world.  By doing so, we bring everyone we touch on the journey with us and we help them see!

Anything Else?

Lemme see…
In addition to our three human children, we have six feathered children of various species and three very sweet furry children, Lucy, Monty (The Zoomer) & Molly. Yes, it’s noisy house.  Heck, even the humans are noisy!  Everyone in the neighborhood knows our house!

I absolutely hate housework.  Really.  I hate housework almost as much as I hate bad movies, liver and onions, canned spinach and stepping in troll droppings.  But then who doesn’t hate stepping in troll droppings?  Not even trolls like stepping in troll droppings!

Beyond that,  I tend to ramble on and on about whatever happens to be on my mind at any given moment, whether it’s related to the current topic or not, so you’re sure to learn more about me than you ever wanted to know!

Seriously, I do try to keep my rambling to an minimum (really… I do) but… well… I just can’t always help myself!

Anyway, that’s about all I can think of for now (actually, I could probably go on for another page or two but that would be major overkill and include tons of babbling), so go have a look around the blog, have fun, learn something new, leave lots of nice comments… then go create something wonderful!