16 Tangles All in A Row

This week’s Diva Challenge was to do a white on black tile or tangle on a found object. As my white pens rarely cooperate with me, I went with the found object.

My house is still under construction so finding something just lying around waiting to be attacked with a pen wasn’t much of a problem!

All I had to do was stand up & turn in a slow circle before my eyes landed on a lovely bit of cut wood on our contractors work table, so that’s what I tangled.

For no particular reason, other than it felt right, I used 16 tangles. None repeating. It took four days to complete, everyone thought I was crazy. Two pens sacrificed their lives before it was finished. There were funerals to commemorate their sacrifice. Everyone knew I was crazy.

The 16 Beautiful Tangle Patterns

Akoya by Sandy Hunter
Gottago by Lianne Woods
B’Twined by Pegi Schargel
Spupa by Mei Hua Teng
YAH by Emily Classon
Fassett by Lynn Mead

Knot Rickz by Cheryl Cianci
Twile by Lesley Scott-Gilliland
Palrevo by Karry Heun
Diva Dance by Maria Thomas
Sand Swirl by Karry Huen
Sparkle by Sharon Caforio

Groovy by Eden Hunt
Keenees by Donna Hornsby
Afterglo by Carole Ohl
Garlic Cloves by Jacquelien Bredenoord

Diva Dance, Sand Swirl, and Groovy were probably the hardest for me.

Keeping the accent lines in order with Groovy was pretty tough & I seriously messed up the auras with Sand Swirl.  With Diva Dance I was never quite sure that I was doing it correctly but I just kept on swimming anyway!

I’m proud of this one, which, of course, means that it’s already been given away!

I really love how the dark sepia looks on the pine, it’s so organic feeling.  I liked it so much that I really didn’t think I was going to add any color… until I couldn’t help it, but I tried to stick with minimal shades of brown and tan in order to maintain the organic feel.

Though I did get tired toward the end & wished that I’d chosen something a little smaller to tangle on, this challenge ended up being a lot of fun.

Alphabet Challenge – S, T & U

Alphabet Challenge S, T & U

For Diane Clancy’s Alphabet Challenge this week, I chose to use String 125 from Tangle Patterns.

Well, I used most of String 125. As I was only using 3 patterns, I wanted the diamond in the center so I left one line out of the string.

I’m in a grey scale kind of mood this week, so I left the tile in black & white. That and I like how the starkness really seems to make the design, especially the Sand Swirls, pop.

For the letter S, I used Sand Swirl by Karry Huen, for T I used Twile by Lesley Scott-Gilliland, and for U I used Undling by Susie Achter.

Sand Swirl came out quite a bit better in this tile than it did on the Found Object “tile” I did for The Diva’s Challenge, of course I’d had a bit of practice by the time I started this one!

While I like the tile, if I were going to do it again I would probably switch where I used Undling and Twile, mostly because I think having the larger patterns on the outside and the tighter pattern in the center would have looked a tad bit better.

Either that or I would have found a tighter pattern that started with an S… not that it matters since I wasn’t thinking that far ahead when I started and it turned out fine anyway!

Tangleation Vocation – Night Blooms

Night Blooms

I’m so happy that I was once again able to participate in Daniel Lamothe’s Tangleation Vocation challenge. This week’s challenge was to use Prestwood by Margaret Bremner.

This is another tangle pattern that I’ve never tried and it looked kinda complicated, so I was a little bit nervous about trying it. Once I got started though, I realized that it’s much easier than it seemed at first. I can see myself using it more often now that I’ve got the hang of it.

When I first started adding “texture” to the odd loops, they looked like cartoon mummies so I was going to make the other ones little ghosties.  It would have been cute, but now that it’s finished I’m glad I didn’t go that route because I really love the goofy little daisies!