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Spring in the Desert 2016

It's spring in the desert again, which means that it's time to share a fresh new batch of beautiful spring flowers with you!

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Meet the Gnomies

Gnomies are similar to their more common cousins, the garden gnome, in both appearance and attitude. From my observations, there seem to be three basic characteristics...

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Micron VS. OHTO Artist Pens

Today we’re going to look at the two best disposable drawing pens I’ve ever used, the Sakura Micron Fine Line and the OHTO Graphic Liner. Despite their differences in design, they are both wonderful to use and produce beautifully detailed work.

Our work, our thinking, our lives, our culture and social activities are shaped by the influences of the country in which we reside.  Arizonans are a desert people.

~ Forrest Shrieve

Welcome to Toula Boula, my little corner of the web where I share my experiences as an artist in progress and, hopefully, inspire others who are on the same path.

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